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MyEd Game Changers for Teachers

We have created an updated video for teachers to demonstrate some of the best time saving tricks available in MyEd. Watch the whole thing or skip ahead to the sections... Read more

In Other News…

Click on the link below to see a list of other new developments in MyEducation BC: In Other News August 21_2020... Read more

MyEducation BC – 6.1 Release Notes

The MyEducation BC Production environment was upgraded to Release 6.1 during the summer break. Click on the link below to see the list of new features: MyEducation BC Release 6_1 New... Read more

Report Card Comment Issue with Format Changes

The MyEducation BC service provider is currently investigating an issue when saving formatting edits to report card comments.  Adding additional blank lines between sentences for spacing is an example of... Read more

About Emails from MyEducation BC

We have received reports of difficulties with emailing from MyEducation BC. The service provider has responded with some information: Sending Mass Emails Mass emails sent from MyEd can be rejected by... Read more

Class Attendance Post Verification Report

Are you using the Daily Attendance Post Verification Report to check which classes have not posted their attendance?  Have you called some teachers to follow up and then hear that... Read more

MyEducation BC – 5.10 Release Notes

The MyEducation BC Production environment was upgraded to Release 5.10 during the summer break. Click on the link below to see the list of new features: MyEducation BC Build 5.10 RELEASE... Read more

MyEducation BC Summer Outage

Please be advised that MyEducation BC (MyEd) will be offline from 12:00 am on Saturday, August 10, 2019 until 7:00 am on Monday, August 19, 2019 to complete End of... Read more

MyEducation BC – 5.9 Release Notes

The MyEducation BC Production environment was upgraded to Release 5.9 during the winter break. Click on the link below to see the list of new features: Release 5.9 Release Notes 2018-01-07 Please... Read more

MyEducation BC – Release 5.9

The MyEducation BC Production environment will be upgraded to Release 5.9 during the winter break. As a result, the Production environment will be unavailable from 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January... Read more

Secondary Report card info page

The MyEducation BC Secondary report card information page is currently displaying the 2004 Grad Program information, rather than the 2018 Grad Program information. This has been brought to the attention... Read more

Update: TRAX AST fix implemented

This update is in regards to the 2018 Graduation Program - AST requirement issue reported on November 5, 2018: The MyEducation BC Service Provider released the following update this morning: Please be... Read more

Graduation Reports – 2 credit course issue

The Diploma Verification Report (DVR) and School Transcript report are incorrectly displaying the diploma category for two credit courses in progress. The DVR and Transcript report should determine a course (completed... Read more

Reported Items Related to Release 5.8

Designation Tallies Build view - Workspace manual procedure When running the 'Update Designation/ELL Tallies' procedure, the parameter window has a choice to select school(s). Regardless of the school(s) chosen, the... Read more

MyEducation BC 5.8 Update

The Provincial Team is preparing for an update to MyEducation BC. As such, MyEd will be unavailable from 5pm Dec. 15 until 7am Monday Dec. 18.  The system will be... Read more

2018 Graduation Program

On October 22, the service provider assigned the 2018 Graduation Program to the primary Program of Study field for all Grade 10 and Grade 11 students in MyEducation BC.  Shortly... Read more

MyEducation BC 5.6 Update

The Provincial Team is preparing to do a update to MyEducationBC. As such, MyEd will be unavailable from 5pm Friday Dec. 16  until  7am Monday Dec. 19. The system will be available with the... Read more

Student Scheduling – Grade Level Filter

Users creating or editing an individual students schedule will notice that the course selection pop-up window accessed from the Workspace now contains a Grade Level filter allowing the user to... Read more

1701 Designations – Status Update

"This weekend, we implemented fixes for several outstanding items related to Student Services 1701 Designation Programs: · When adding a new 1701 Designation program to a student, users are now presented... Read more

Extended Maintenance Outage this weekend

"In consultation with the Ministry and the SMC Chair, we have approval to extend our regular Sunday maintenance window while we perform infrastructure maintenance and MyEdBC application adjustments. Please be... Read more

MyEducation BC performance

You can resume normal operation of MyEducation BC and we’ll keep a close eye on this issue. Fingers crossed that Fujitsu has resolved the performance issue once and for all. If... Read more

General System Slowness – Update

An update on the performance issues from the service provider: "Our engineers’ analysis has provided information for corrective measures required to address the system slowness. We will perform these measures during... Read more

How to work with General Programs

From the service provider: "Districts have been asking for instructions on how to work with general student programs now that 1701 student designations have been moved to the Programs table in... Read more

School Startup News

This is a bulletin from the service provider: "This bulletin provides information about the changes that occurred as part of the school year end processes or that were implemented in MyEducation... Read more

Updates over the summer

The service provider made a number of updates to MyEducation BC during the summer break. This Release Notes document has more info: Release Notes of Aug 22 2016... Read more

Attention Middle Schools

An enhancement was implemented for the Intermediate report card in MyEd BC.  You may notice though that the teacher's names are not properly displayed in the report card banner.  To... Read more

MyEducation BC student contacts merge

Regarding student contacts in MyEducation BC As you may know, the way that the student contacts (parents and emergency) were migrated from BCeSIS to MyEducation BC created many duplicate records. To... Read more

How Do I…?

We have started to build a 'How Do I...?' knowledge base under the Resources menu of this website. Take a look and let us know what you think?: How Do I...?... Read more