MyEducation BC Software Enhancements implemented April 29 – May 20, 2018

A number of enhancements to MyEducation BC have recently been implemented:

1. Automatic English Language Learner (ELL) alerts – alerts for ELL are now automated through a nightly procedure that will add or remove the ELL alert based on the start and end dates of students’ ELL programs. The nightly process will begin on May 20, 2018

2. Request Count Verification Report – this new report gives counsellors and schedulers a simpler way of tracking down students who have not requested enough courses for the following year. The new report provides parameter options to determine which students have more than, less than, or equal to a user-specified number of course requests.
Build View > Global TT > Requests ST > Reports > Request Count Verification

3. District Enrollment report – this report provides a breakdown of the enrolment statistices for the district by school and grade level, with totals for the district by grade level. This report excludes students with the enrolment status = Active No Primary, and has parameter options to allow users to run enrolment counts of Active Primary or fee paying students, or both. The report title will reflect the user-selected options.
District View > District TT > Reports > District Enrollment

4. PSR grade at End of Year Rollover (EOYR) – currently in MyEducation BC, the “PSR Grade” field on the Permanent STudent Record (PSR) is blank under certain circumstances. This change will enhance the EOYR process to update the “PSR Grade” in the Student Membership Records for students withdrawn, enrolled or retained by the EOYR process. Prior enrolment year blanks will stay blank as this change on affects new enrolment records. School will continue to be able to manually change information in this field.