Pre-Transition, Pre-Registration & End of Year Rollover

Elementary and Middle Schools

Video: Using Build View to Track Program Enrollment for Next Year (Assign a House to Next Year Students)

PDF: K Registration and Pre-Transition Quick Reference_Dec4_2023

PDF: Validation of Withdraw Field and Next School Field

PDF: Pre-Transition_Pre-Registration Quick Reference_Dec4_2023

Secondary Schools

PDF: Pre-Transition_Pre-Registration Quick Reference_Dec4_2023

PDF: Validation of Withdraw Field and Next School Field

Preparing of End Year Rollover (EOYR)

There are several valuable resources available when preparing for the End of Year Rollover (EOYR).

 Pre-Transition Health Checks

PDF: End-of-Year-Rollover-Reference-Guide-v5.11

PDF: SD61_EOYR-Checklist_Dec2023

Pre-Transition field set:

Path: School view > Student top tab > Pre-Transition field set

You can sort by the different columns and review the data, making changes as required. Pay particular attention to the Retain Grade, Withdraw at EOYR and To Be Graduated columns to the far right side of this page. Please note that only one of these settings may be used. Please see information about the Validation of Withdraw Field and Next School Field. View the student movement scenarios in the End of Year Rollover Reference guide to check groups of students and determine if the settings assigned to them will have the desired result after EOYR. For example, a student moving out of province or to a school not using MyEducation BC should have the next school field blank and the “Withdraw at EOYR” checkbox selected. Avoid setting the next school as “Ooc – Other Schools”, as this is not an active school.


Use these EOYR filters to identify data that needs to be corrected:

  • EOYR – Future-Dated Enrollments – Students in this filter will prevent EOYR from running for the entire province, and therefore MUST be corrected.
  • EOYR – Future YOG flagged to graduate
  • EOYR – Multiple flags set

Use these EOYR filters to confirm data. Records in these filters do not necessarily require correction. Review the data to confirm it is correct:

  • EOYR – Prior YOG still Active
  • EOYR – Students becoming Active No Primary

Mass Update vs Modify List

Mass Update is a very convenient way to update several records at a time, however, it does need to be used with an abundance of caution. Modify List is another way to update records, using caution to select the records to be modified.  Please see more information about using Mass Update – Modify List.

General Programs

This is an opportune time to end date all programs except the current Student Services 1701 Designation ProgramDo not end date the Student Services 1701 Designation Program. The designation record alerts the receiving school that a support plan may be needed. Please review the information about Mass Update – Modify List  before proceeding with any method of end dating programsAlways use Mass Update with an abundance of caution and check your list of records several times before proceeding. After you have reviewed and confirmed your list of records, take an extract and save it to a .csv file. Once you are completely certain you have selected the correct records for mass updating, and you have extracted the records as a backup, you can then proceed.