Quick Reports

Use a Quick Report to create a report using the information you are viewing on any list page.

The user can click on the Printer Icon quick report to access quick report formats or go to Reports>Quick Report

Note: Saved Quick Reports will only be available from the location in the application in which you originally saved it from.

  • Go to the list page containing the data you want to report on
  • Select the records you want to include (Use a filter, query, snapshot or custom selection to limit the number of records to include on the Quick Report)
  • Click on the Quick Print icon and choose the output format
  • A CSV file will download and open in Excel which allows the user to then sort and edit the spreadsheet as desired.
  • Selecting Create Quick Report…(Video Demonstration) will open the quick report wizard.
  • Selecting Saved report will open a pick list of all saved Quick Reports>Choose the report and click Finish
  • To create a new report select New report, click Next.
  • Choose the Report type from the drop down menu (The description will outline the characteristics of each type) Click Next
  • Add the desired fields from the Available fields column to the Selected fields column by highlighting and clicking Add. Remove from the Selected fields by highlighting and clicking Remove
  • Reorder the fields by clicking Up or Down
  • Click Next
  • Step 4 determines how the system sorts the overall report>Click Next
  • Step 5 determines totals for group reports and can provide maximum, minimum and total count statistics for selected fields. Click Next
  • Step 6 provides choices for report formatting. Click Next
  • Step 7 determines field format options such as defining a custom width in number of characters. Click Next
  • Step 8 allows the user to save the Quick report for future use by the User or for the School
  • Click Finish

Quick Report for Class Attendance

For All Students:

Attendance top tab>Class History side tab 

Reports Drop Down Menu>Quick Report


For Individual Students:

Student top tab>Attendance side tab>Class Attendance sub-side tab

Reports Drop Down Menu>Quick Report

Step #1 Choose New Report

Note: Saving this report once you have completed it will enable you to click Saved report and then finish for All Students or individual students.

quick report 1

Step #2

  • Report Type: Group
  • Selected Fields: Student-Name
Quick report 2


Step #3

  • Student>Home Phone
  • Date
  • Master Schedule>Course
  • Period
quick report 3


Step #4

Sort Order:

  • Master Schedule>Course
  • Date
quick report 4


Step #5

  • Insert page break
  • Field: Period
  • Function: Count
  • Reset by: Group Student>Name
quick report 5


Step #6

  • Re-title the report as necessary
  • Choose output format and font
quick report 6

Step #7

  • Re-title fields as necessary
  • Choose font and format
quick report 7


Step #8

  • Choose to save for future access.
  • Click Finish


quick report 8