Medical Alert With Photo

The BC Student Information with Photo Report contains demographic and contact information, as well as a photo of the student with details of  student alerts.

To pint only students with Medical Alerts (life threatening illness), perform a query to isolate only those with a medical alert.

Student top tab>Options>Query

alert query

Then run the BC Student Information with Photo Report: Student top tab>Reports drop down window>BC Student Information with Photo Report

Another alternative is to create a custom quick report spreadsheet of all students with a medical alert:

Global Top Tab>Student Side Tab>Student Alert

Query for all Active students with an alert type of Medical:

medical alert


Create and save a custom quick report:

Field Selection:

  • Student>Name
  • Student>Photo
  • Description
  • Student>Home Phone
medical alert quick report


Sort by student name:


medical alert quick report 4

The result is a list of all active students with a life threatening illness that includes the description of the illness, a photo of the student and the student’s home phone number.