Teacher Training

Click on the enhanced teacher roles in the menu bar to the left for further training.

Create a Group from a Class Roster (For Teachers)

It is possible to create group sets for a class, and groups within each group set, from a class roster. This function may be handy for displaying smaller groups of students on the Scores page, making it easier to enter comments and/or scores for them. The link below provides an explanation of how to use this function:

Create a Group from a Class Roster (For Teachers)

Time Saving MyEducation Hacks



MyEducation BC Secondary School  Basics Training Video


Download the Secondary School Teacher Training User Guide Below:

Secondary School Teacher Basics User Guide

Posting_W_Teachers(for Teachers)<<<Information on posting W for Withdrawn students.

Portal-vs-Staff-Views-v2.2  Information about what teachers set up versus what students and parents see.

MyEducation BC Secondary School: Advanced Gradebook Training Video


Download the Secondary Teacher Advanced Gradebook User Guide Below:

Secondary Teacher Advanced Gradebook User Guide

Getting Ready for the Family and Student Portal: A Guide for Teachers

Grade Weight Options

Click the video to view an explanation of the four available grade weighting options.


Mobile Interface Training Video