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MyEducation BC 5.6 Update
The Provincial Team is preparing to do a upgrade to MyEducationBC...
Dec 6, 2016
Grades Management Checklist
A grades management checklist for users has been added to the...
Oct 25, 2016
Bulletin: End Dating Secondary School Associations/Student Movement Between Districts
OSCBulletin_201609_1_EndSecondarySchlAssoc StudentMovement...
Oct 4, 2016

School Set-Up

Upload new Middle School set up check list

Upload post conversion task list

School set up tasks for Go Live  
Review details on the general and address tabs.
Add the default transcript definition.
Select the Class to Daily Attendance procedure.
*Notice the ministry number should not have the leading zero.
Review all the categories excl Conduct, Lunch, Fees and Remote control.
Daily Attendance = Classroom input type is Period. Daily Att for past dates is selected. Show daily side tab in staff view is deselected.
Class Attendance = Post mode is Post and allow date change is selected.
Staff Attendance = Button 1 reads TOC and Popup is selected.
Grade = Notice the report card message field.
Schedule = Notice the schedule mode reads secondary.
Secondary Sch Mgmt = Sole
Communication = Select the Require moderation box.
TopScheduleSelect the correct Year ID and set Active.
3Calendars>DatesReview and update day type for non school days
TopAdmin Top Tab
4Reference>CodesAttendance reasons, Enrollment code,
Withdrawal codes, and
BC Departments.
5Comments>CodesReview the school comment bank. Check the replacement characters. See school comment bank tokens reference material.
6Grade TermsAdd reporting periods. If your school provides three report cards in a year, there will be three grade terms. If your school provides four report cards in a year, there will be four grade terms.
7StructureSet up terms, days and periods for elementary and middle schools.
8Calendar>DatesUpdate the Day Num for your in session school days.
9Options>Mass UpdateAssign Calendar
10Options>Modify ListAssign Homeroom
11SnapshotCreate Snapshots for each homeroom and grade level grouping
12Options>AddStaff records should not be added or deleted at the school level though it is possible for the school to update details in the record
13Options>Modify ListAssign Homeroom; primary only
15Courses>DetailsUpdate course details
16Courses>Details>GradingTranscript Definition
17Schedule AttributesDefine the number of sections
18MasterInitialize Sections
19MasterReview and update course sections. Possibly correct the Max class size or the Schedule pattern.
20Master>RosterAdd students using snapshots. Do this for all Attendance and subject courses.
Before continuing, all previous work must be completed.
FinGrade InputSelect Prepare Grade Input and follow the wizard.
District Process for User accounts:
1School administrator used the Who Am I (aka SIS request tool) to submit a request for a staff.** Look up the details of the decision tree in the SIS Who Am I decision tree document.URL:
2The school admin assistant receives a notification about the request so the staff record can be completed in MyEd BC. Requirements for creating a staff record are: First name, Last name, Staff Type, Employee ID, Calendar ID, and primary email (their SD61 email).Staff records are only entered into MyED BC once. If the staff member had a previous posting in a MyEd BC school, do NOT create a staff record.
3If the staff member has a new role requested or they are getting a MyED BC useraccount for the first time, they will need to access the online training required.All training materials can be found on this web site.
4Once the assessment has been submitted by the staff member and they have successfully understood the training material, the useraccount request will be completed.
5Under School view, Staff top tab, find the staff record. The default field set will show the useraccount log in and generated password.