Emergency Contacts

1. Student Top Tab>Reports drop down window>Other Jurisdiction>Student Contacts

This report produces a separate sheet for each student that lists all contacts in priority order with a name. relationship, and phone number.

2. A more detailed student contacts report can be created by creating a custom field set  field set icon from the student top tab that contains all the required fields. This list can then be exported as a CSV file from the Reportsquick report icon drop down window.

emergency contact field set


3. A quick report can be created from the student top tab that contains all the required fields as either a simple spreadsheet or a report detailed by student.

Student top tab>Reports drop down window>Quick Reports

Select a report type of Detailed


Add all required fields for the student and emergency contact 1 ,2, and 3 to the Selected Fields window.


Sort Order = Name


Save the report for future quick access.

The result is a page of information that contains the a student information and all the applied emergency contact fields for that student.


Using a simple quick report the result is a printable spreadsheet with all students and the corresponding emergency contact information.