Sorting and Identifying Student Groups

Identifying and viewing groups of students can be done by selecting a  filter  filter , running a query and saving  it, or creating a snapshot and saving it.


  • All Active Students
  • Primary Active students: All students who are NOT cross enrolled to your school
  • All Secondary Students: All students who ARE cross enrolled to your school
  • Former Student: Withdrawn students will be accessible until the end of the school year
  • Next Year’s Students: All students who have a next year’s school value set to your school ie Pre-Transitioned
  • Designation =?: Choose the designation from a pick list and view all students with the selected designation.
  • Active w/Designation: All active students with a designation in your school
  • Program =?: Choose the program from the pick list and view all students in the selected program.
  • Program of Study=?: Choose the grad program from the pick list
  • Course =?: Enter a course code and view all student enrolled in the course.
  • Grade Level=? Enter a grade level and view only students in the selected grade.


Student top tab>Options>Query

Perform a query to identify students with given characteristics such as alerts, aboriginal ancestry, grade sub-level (SU), etc.

Save the query for future access or save as a filter to access quickly from the filter drop down window.


Student top tab

Manually select the group of students by clicking next to their name.

Go to: Options>Show Selected

then go to: Options>Snapshot


Create a snapshot of a group of students and save as a filter for quick future access. The snapshot is static and requires manual removal and addition of students to the snapshot once it has been created.