Secondary Principal and Vice Principal Training

The Secondary Principal and Vice-Principal role requires training in 6 MyEducation BC modules and the completion of an online assessment.

Instructions (Please read carefully before beginning training):

  • Click on the FOIPPA training module listed below.
  • Click on the training video
  • Proceed through the training video
  • After each training module, click on and complete the Check for Understanding link to reinforce concepts and gauge your comprehension. Click Submit. Close the tab after completion. Use the results of the quiz to determine if you need to review any of the material before proceeding to the next training module. You may redo this quiz as many times as you wish.
  • Click on the browser back button to return to this page and proceed to the next training module.
  • Subsequent training modules will contain a user guide and multiple training videos. Download and refer to the user guide while viewing the training videos.
  • After completing all training modules click on the Secondary Principal and Vice-Principal Training Assessment link at the bottom of this page, complete the quiz and click Submit. You will immediately be informed of your score.
  • There is a minimum 80% threshold for successful completion.
  • If you do not score 80% or better, please review the training module material and resubmit the assessment.
  • The SD61 Help Desk will receive conformation of completion.
  • After completing the assessment, please  complete a SIS account request for yourself.

1. FOIPPA Training Module: Video: 8:29

2. Fundamentals Training Module: Video: 54: 51

3. Enrollment Training Module: Videos: 65:34

4. Secondary Attendance Training Module: Videos: 37:46

5. Secondary Daily Scheduling Training Module: Videos: 36:40

6. Secondary Grades Management Training Module: Videos 34:48

7. Secondary Principal and Vice Principal Training AssessmentComplete this assessment after finishing all of the above training modules.

Supplemental Material not included on the assessment for account creation:

Secondary Teacher Basics

Secondary Teacher: Advanced Gradebook

Preparing for Graduation