Non-Grad Filtering

Student top tab>Reports drop down window>Grad Reports>Diploma Information

Format=Comma-separated values (CSV)

diploma information 1

This report will take some time to run (Check My Jobs Que) and will produce results for all students. At this point in time it is not possible to filter to only grade 12 students before running this report in MyEd.

In Excel:

  • Copy the header row and paste on a new sheet/doc
  • Select  entire document using triangle
  • Got to: Data>Filter
  • Select Grade column go to: Filter> Uncheck Grade and Blanks: All duplicate and blank rows will be eliminated.
  • Paste Header in the top row
  • Click into the top cell in the first empty column at the far right of the spreadsheet column and paste the following formula into the top input window

This formula does both tests.  It will test if any required courses are missing and if there are less than 16 gr 12 credits (column W)

=IF(OR((W11<12),OR(I11=0,J11=0,K11=0,L11=0,M11=0,N11=0,O11=0,P11=0,Q11=0,R11=0,S11=0,T11=0)),”Something Missing”,”Requirements Met”)

*The 11 in the above formula may have to be changed to reflect the actual number of the first row containing data. The example below required a value of “7” in the formula.

  • Hover over the bottom right of the cell and double click or drag the value to all cells below.
  • Click on the header row
  • Go to Data and click on Filter
  • Select the down arrow in the Grades column and deselect all except 12.
  • Select the down arrow in the total credits column and deselect all numbers over 80

The result is a spreadsheet that contains only grade 12 students with under 80 credits with a column that indicates whether or not they have all required courses and at least 16 grade 12 credits.