Publish Reports to MyEd

Preparing to Publish Reports

Reports that can be published to MyEducation BC include:

Report Cards, Student Information Verification Reports and Student Schedules.

New:  Publishable Diploma Verification Report (DVR) – new feature as of July 14, 2021:
This feature enables schools to publish the DVR to the family portal. DVRs are generally intended for school counsellors, to help them provide guidance to students. Schools should consider how they will use the published report to assist students in confirming their progress toward graduation.

Publishing Report Cards

Be Prepared!  If you decided to skip the video on Preparing to Publish Reports to the Student Portal – don’t skip it! If you haven’t done the preparation steps, you will not be happy with the results.


Publishing Student Information Verification Reports, Student Schedules and the DVR:

The steps for publishing other reports to MyEducation BC are demonstrated in the

example of publishing report cards;  the key steps are the careful review and

retention of the pdf report(s) for reference, BEFORE publishing to MyEducation BC.