There are several methods to view and/or print information around students with designations.

1. School View

Student top tab>Click on the filter icon filter and select:

a. Active w/Designation – This will produce a list of all students in your school with a designations.

b. Designation=? – This allows the user to choose to display a list of students based on a specific designation.



c. BC 1701 – By Student Services Report

Student top tab>Reports drop down window>Ministry Reporting>BC 1701-By Student Services

The result is a list of all students sorted by designation that includes name, ID, PEN, Grade, Homeroom, DOB, Gender, and FTE

d. Global Top Tab

Global top tab>Student side tab>Student Disabilities table

Perform a query to view Active students only:


designations query


You can then sort by designation and export as a CSV file for printing if required.

2. Student Services View

Global top tab>Designations side tab

This list contains students primary and non-primary designation.