Entry and Withdrawal Codes – required fields in MyEducation BC

On May 30th, 2021, Entry and Withdrawal Codes were standardized and implemented as a required field within the MyEducation BC Production environment. As a result, some codes were disabled, and new codes were added to ensure codes would be more distinguishable and intuitive, to allow for ease and consistency of entry.
The following highlights important details:
• The use of required codes will assist in maintaining proper student records.
• Home schooling is no longer a valid Withdrawal Code; use grade sub level HS.
• Some previous codes have been disabled and new codes have been created.
• The MyEducation BC Standards Manual has been updated to reflect these changes.

MyEducation BC school users in the Greater Victoria School District have always entered the entry and withdrawal codes when processing enrollment changes for student records so the main change will be the disabling of previous codes and the introduction of new codes.  See the standards manual (link above) for more information about the codes available for use.