Course Requests – Display of counts is not accurate

Build View > Global TT > Requests ST  Field Set = Default

An issue has been identified where the functionality of updating course requests to display Total Primary, Total Alternates and Total Crse Requests in the Build view is not accurately reflecting the actual requests for a course.

Values are present in the columns even though there are no requests for the courses:

Recommendation from MyEducation BC service provider:   Run a process from Build View > Courses  TT > Options > Add To School Course – Add Total Requests – For One School and then do Options > Refresh

The MyEducation BC service provider is aware of the issue, which is currently under investigation. In the meantime, the correct information can be located in Build view > Global TT > Requests ST

You can also run the Course Tally report: Build View > Global  TT  > Reports > Course Tally