Class Attendance roster displaying a warning message when using the Post button at the bottom of the page

Class Attendance roster screens are available in two places:

School view > Attendance top tab > Class Roster

Staff view > Attendance

There are two Post buttons on the Class Attendance Roster screens – one at the top of the student list and one at the bottom. Currently, posting using the Post button at the bottom of the page produces conflicting messaging. The record(s) post as expected and display the pop-up with the green checkbox and a message indicating the number of records updated. However, when the teacher leaves the screen, they receive a warning message saying “Changes you made may not be saved”. This message is misleading when the posting has completed. The MyEducation BC service provider is aware of the issue and it is under investigation. The recommendation is to use the top Post button until this issue is resolved. Further information will be shared as it becomes available.