Graduation Reports – 2 credit course issue

The Diploma Verification Report (DVR) and School Transcript report are incorrectly displaying the diploma category for two credit courses in progress.

The DVR and Transcript report should determine a course (completed or in progress) meets the core requirement until the total number of credits are satisfied. After the core requirement is met, then the courses apply to NDC (Elective) requirement, if applicable.

The DVR and Transcript report are correct for completed two credit courses.

Note: This does not affect the accuracy of the TRAX submission for the student.

E.g., a student with MCLEA (2 credit) and MCLEB (2 credit) courses:

The DVR CLE (Career Life Education) requirement checkbox is checked
The DVR and School Transcript display one of the courses as meeting the CLE requirement and one of the courses displaying the NDC requirement.
This can affect the accuracy of the message at the bottom of the School Transcript identifying if the student has met graduation requirements.

As the CLE requirement is 4 credits, both of the 2 credit CLE courses should display on the graduation reports with the CLE requirement.

This issue does not appear to impact the 2 credit English Language 10 courses.

This issue isĀ  being investigated by the service provider and more information will be shared as updates are received.