Reported Items Related to Release 5.8

  • Designation Tallies Build view – Workspace manual procedure
    When running the ‘Update Designation/ELL Tallies’ procedure, the parameter window has a choice to select school(s). Regardless of the school(s) chosen, the next field (Schedule to use:), correctly scopes to scenarios at the school performing scheduling.
  • In Build View > Student tt > Details st > Next homeroom, some schools may see a list of homerooms from students’ existing school and not the homerooms for the school that is building the schedule.
    Alternate Path: If you experience this, please update the incoming students’ homeroom in School View > Student tt > Details st > Next homeroom.
  • Snapshot saved as a filter will return all students within the school/district instead of the students included in the snapshot.
  • If a section has only one Designated or ELL student and the Primary designation is removed, the manual procedure of ‘Update Designation/ELL Tallies’ will not reflect this new composition (i.e. the section will still display the Designation/ELL).