Changes to Student Details – March 7, 2022

On March 7, the following changes to the Student Details screen will be implemented in MyEducation BC:

  1. Gender Identity – the label for the optional Preferred Gender field will be changed to Gender Identity;
  2. Who has Custody? – the values of Temporary Custody Order and Continuing Custody Order will no longer be part of the list of values in this field; see new CYIC or YAG and Agreement or Order fields below;
  3. CYIC or YAG field – new optional field; this checkbox is used to identify children or youth in care;
  4. Agreement or Order – new field; this field will allow users to indicate the type of agreement or order that is in place for youth or children in care, including Temporary Custody Order and Continuing Custody Order
  5.  Parent/Guardian Information – the list of parent/guardians at the end of the Student Details screen will now include usual names (instead of legal) and the cell phone number (instead of work phone) from the contact records.

*  Note that student records with Who has Custody? = Temporary Custody Order or Continuing Custody Order previously entered will still appear with these values with an asterisk (e.g., *Temporary Custody Order). Future district direction on use of these fields will be shared when available.

See provincial documentation for these changes in the updated Enrolment and Demographics handbook at the MyEducationBC.Info site.