Updates to Agreement or Order – CYIC Fields

There have been updates to a CYIC field in the MyEducationBC Production environment, namely to the list of values for Agreement or Order.

School view > Student top tab > Student record > Details > Demographics

Previous values:                                                                                Updated values:


The pre-existing choice, which is now deprecated, will remain visible with an asterisk:

If you are making changes to a student record containing a pre-existing choice that is now deprecated, including a transfer to another in-district school or a withdrawal, you will encounter an error message saying Valid value required for field “Agreement or Order” when trying to save.

This can be resolved by selecting the appropriate value from the current list and saving the change.

A table containing a description for each value can be found in the MyEducationBC Standards Manual: https://mytrainingbc.ca/myedbcstandards/index.html

Go to Manual (blue button in the middle of the screen) > Student Records > CYIC