An update to the School Startup News bulletin

An update from the service provider:

“The information below is an update to the School Startup News bulletin that was distributed earlier today, or to the conversation on the Level 1 conference call this morning:

Student Services
• All existing filters have now been updated to work correctly with the new 1701 Designations Programs
• The Designation = ? filter has been revised to allow for the entry of a specific designation to display

Usual Names
• A number of districts reported on the call that they were seeing “old” information in the staff and contact Usual Name fields. These fields were not previously displayed in the default Staff and Contact templates and the change request stated specifically that these fields would only be populated (with legal names) if they were blank. Therefore, the data that is now visible in the Usual Name fields could have been converted from BCeSIS, if it existed there, or may have been entered at some point in time. It would be prudent to recommend to school staff to check Staff and Contacts Usual Name fields before school startup as invalid data may exist.
• There was a question as to whether the teacher’s Usual Name would display on report cards. There is an option on the parameter screen which allows for the choice of either Legal or Preferred (Usual) name.”