MyEducation BC student contacts merge

Regarding student contacts in MyEducation BC

As you may know, the way that the student contacts (parents and emergency) were migrated from BCeSIS to MyEducation BC created many duplicate records. To merge these records is a great deal of work for schools and districts so the service provider is offering to automate the merge process.

However, schools will need to update or remove the contacts that are not valid before the automated process. See below for more info:

The date for this proposed contact merge is yet to be confirmed but it would ideally be prior to the end of the school year so that the student information verification process in September can be used to validate and update the student contacts. Once this work is completed, we expect;
• This will enable the school to share and to link addresses in student demographics.
• This will enhance the sibling relationship link.
• This will prepare the user account for the MyEducation BC family portal access.

Which contacts will be merged:
For a contact to be merged it will need to meet the following minimum standard (please note that ideally there would be an email address in all valid contacts also):
1. Legal last name
2. Legal first name (no nicknames or abbreviations)
3. Home phone and/or cell phone

Which contacts will be deleted:
• If a contact is missing information in the legal last name, legal first name or in a home/cell phone field, then the contact record is deemed incomplete and will be deleted. A contact with two first names, such as ‘John & Alice’, will also be deleted.
• All contact information for inactive students will also be deleted. Remember that inactive students are the records that were in a withdrawn status at the time of conversion. If the student returns, then the contact information would need to be re-entered.
• All contact information for withdrawn international students will be deleted.
• All doctor and dentist information will be deleted in MyEducation BC.

Contact information will be merged only if the main fields follow the merge rules. It will be done for all contacts; parents, guardians, relatives, friends, neighbors, agencies and others. This will be done across our district.
We will follow up with more information when we have it.

If you have any questions, please ask via the Help Desk.