How To Identify Students that have not Written A Graduation Assessment

How to: Graduation Assessment Tracking using the Graduation History screen
Hello Everyone,

Here are some quick tips on how to locate your students who have not written a Graduation Assessment.

The Graduation History screen and Graduation Progress report are core functionality of MyEducation BC for your primary students.  When reading the screen it is important to note a few items that are different from the way we traditionally track graduation in BC.


  • Courses in Progress – Do not display as they do in BC Graduation Reports.  The screen looks at requirements and credits. Requirements met by a single course display as Complete = yes (Yin this screen when the transcript record is complete and shows credits, they are Complete = no (N) if they are currently scheduled and in progress.
  • Requirements in Progress – In this functionality, in progress requirements are requirements fulfilled by more than one course and some of the credits are complete.  E.g.  The NDC elective requirement takes multiple courses to reach the required 28 credits.  If some of the courses are complete, the requirement will display as In progress (InP).  In progress does not mean the course is currently in the student schedule (see above).
  • Government Examinable courses – The BC courses with required government exams do not display as we would expect them to in the BC Graduation reports.  As the BC Graduation Program moves forward with the Graduation Assessments and away from the courses with required exams this will become an effective tool for our BC students.  Do not use this functionality to identify students meeting requirements that include Government examinable courses, use the BC Graduation reports for these courses.

The data is populated in the screen each time the Graduation Summary report is run with the Create history checkbox selected.  The screen will not update automatically based on a change to a student transcript record.  The Graduation Summary report will need to be run with the Create history checkbox selected again to pick up any changes.

School/District > Schedule > Graduation History > Reports > Graduation Progress

·         In the report popup fill in only the following parameters:

o   Program of Studies:  2018 – Graduation Program

o   Requirement: Leave blank for All

o   Students to include: All

o   Active students only: Checked

o   Create history: Checked

·         Click Run – the report will take a long time to complete the first time it is run


When the report has completed re-select the 2018 Graduation Program in the top box of the screen.  The colour coded requirement boxes: pink N (complete=no)yellow InP (in progress) and green (complete=yes), will display for each student in the list.


With the screen now populated, use the Change Filter button at the top of the screen to select the Graduation Assessment (NMA) requirement, status and grade level of the students you wish to include in the report.

School/District > Schedule > Graduation History

In the selection box at the top of the screen:

  • Select the Program of Study from the picklist (2018 Graduation Program)
  • Use the Change Filter button to narrow the students down to a specific group.  All students will be all primary grade 10, 11 and 12 students with the program of study selected above, or, have no program of study assigned.

o   Requirements: Select the Graduation Assessment

o   Status: Select for not complete

o   Grade level: Select a student grade level, or leave blank for all

When you have the correct students displayed, use the quick report icon in the menu bar to print a report or export a .csv file of the students that have not completed the Graduation Numeracy Assessment.

Note: This functionality will NOT identify students that have met the NMA requirement with a Math 10 course taken in a year when the course included a mandatory government exam.  This functionality will identify students that do not have a Graduation Assessment record with an assessment mark in the record.