Email from MyEducation BC

MyEducation BC has functionality to send out mass communications via email. The Mass Email screen is accessed via Options > Send Email.

1. Email Recipients populated – When initiating an email from MyEducation BC, the recipients in the To: section are automatically populated or made available based on the top tab and side tab view that the user is currently at when initiating Options > Send Email. For example:

  • Student top tab = *Contacts and **Teachers connected to the student
    * with the Receive Email checkbox selected
    ** teachers associated to the student, including teachers from other schools
  • Contacts side tab = All student contacts with email addresses
    – includes all student contacts regardless of the Receive Email checkbox status
  • Schedule side tab = All Teachers associated to the student
    – including teachers from other schools
  • Staff top tab – only teachers at the school

The Mass Email screen currently displays a maximum of 150 recipients.  This display maximum is a system performance safeguard.

2. Bcc: line – users can include additional email addresses here as well as their own email address to receive a copy.

3. Email Attachment Size Limit: the total for all attachments is 7 MB. If the total size of the attachments is larger than 7 MB, the email will not send successfully.

4. Email Attachment Filename Limit:  the filename of each attachment cannot exceed 56 characters.

5. Email Not Received:  Mass emails sent from MyEducation BC can be rejected by the spam filtering on the recipient’s email account.
Recipients can bypass a spam filter rejecting an email by adding the MyEducation BC system email address as a trusted contact.
MyEducation BC email address is:

6. Strange characters when I copy and paste from Word/Outlook/etc.: 2 options:

  • compose the email in a plain text format using Notepad or TextEdit if using a Mac and then copy and paste the email into the MyEducation BC Mass Email screen, or,
  • prepare the communication in the desired format and then include it as an attachment to the email instead of putting it into the body of the email.